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Crazy Bastard Sauce - Jalapeño & Date

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The second addition to the Crazy Bastard range is Jalapeño & Date. It's mild and thick and sweet and delicious. 

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  • The second addition to the Crazy Bastard range is Jalapeño & Date. It's mild and thick and sweet and delicious. Check out the ingredients below to see how the sauce is built. Read the info on heat, this one is specifically designed to be much milder than the original flavour.

    Also, because the peppers used in this sauce are so fibrous, it's very thick. just add a small amount of water to the bottle and shake it up to make it more pourable. Check out this video review by the UK's most promenent spicy club, The Clifton Chilli Club.

    The Ingredients:

    Red onion, charliston pepper, jalapeño chilis (20%), white wine vinegar, dates (10%), poblano chilis, cayenne chilis, limes, garlic, olive oil, coriander, sea salt.

    The Jalapeño is a pepper that most people are familiar with. It's tasty and flavourful and mild enough for everyone to enjoy. While the heat level doesn't come close to the Habanero of the Yellow Label, it has a pleasantly mild, lingering heat.

    The charleston pepper is a big green sweet pepper, it has a very low heat, milder than the Jalapeño. On average it keeps the heat of the Jalapeño up, brings a bit of sweetness to the mix and gives the sauce some bulk.

    The natural sweetness comes from fresh dates. This also pairs very well with the Jalapeño. The sauce was originally designed to compliment bacon, as dates do so very well, but obviously it works excellently on many other foods both meaty and vegan.

    To bring a kind of high note to the heat profile, making it more interesting, there are common red chili peppers. The idea is that you can notice the heat and sharp flavour from these chilis, while at the same time enjoying the mild, lingering warmth of the Jalapeños.

    The Poblano chili gives the sauce another subtle flavour layer and more low level lingering heat. These peppers are usually milder than Jalapeños but they also have a different flavour. It's all part of the blend.

    The Heat:

    This sauce is very mild, but it does have some heat. It is a great sauce to have with breakfast, or for those who like the taste of chilis but not so much heat. Everybody can enjoy it for the flavour and the pleasant tingle it brings. No pain here, just a complex and harmonious blend of flavours with an interesting warmth that lingers in the mouth.

  • Heat Level 3 - We getting there
    Scoville Heat Units 5000
    Contains 100ml
    Price per 100ml 6,95
    Nutritionfracts per 100g
    Energy kJ / kcal 321kJ/77kcal
    Fat 0,8g
    davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 0,2g
    Carboydrates 15g
    Sugars 13g
    Protein 1,2g
    Sodium 0,12g




Schmeckt lecker, milde schärfe, bin sehr begeistert.


Milde Schärfe, toller Geschmack

Die erste Chilista-Sauce die wir probiert haben. Sehr lecker, durch die milde Schärfe auch für Anfänger geeignet. Man schmeckt die einzelnen Komponenten super abgestimmt heraus. Für Jalapenos-Fans ein MUSS!

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Für Anfänger und Dattelliebhaber.

Diese leckere Soße war mein Einstieg in die Welt der schärfe. Die Soße entwickelt eine langsame und dezente schärfe und schmeckt dazu unglaublich fruchtig nach Datteln. Prädikat: Empfehlenswert!

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Crazy Bastard Sauce - Jalapeño & Date

Crazy Bastard Sauce - Jalapeño & Date

The second addition to the Crazy Bastard range is Jalapeño & Date. It's mild and thick and sweet and delicious. 

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